A virtual Poemfest with your favorite poets

from the Sangre de Cristo mountains and beyond. Our virtual festival this year will be a reunion of the community we’ve enjoyed the past three years. The fourth annual Poemfest will be different from those in years past, but we will feature some of the best writers in Colorado and New Mexico, and we will pass the gourd.

With readings, open mics, and workshops, you'll have an opportunity to inspire and be inspired. Choose your workshop, and start thinking about what to read at the open mic. And explore the website for the rest of the fest: do some shopping at the bookstore, and be a part of the Ekphrastic experience with local Crestone Artists.

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Ekphrastic experience with Crestone Artists:

Click on an image to spend some time and post your poetic response.

Covid Woman: Ego Deconstruction

Jane Kwan

Mixed Media: Acrylic, charcoal, collage

Elementals at Play: Indigo Dragon Presides

Noah Baen

Watercolor, colored pencil on paper

First Light on Blanca

Kaia Dercum

Acrylic on canvas

Pandemic Philosophizing

Allison Wonderland

Conté crayon

Tumbleweed Sundown

Posey Nelson

Cold wax & oil, collage, gold leaf on Arches paper


Alan Sutherland

Acrylic on board

thank you for your support.

we couldn’t do this without the participation and support of our beloved community. Thanks to our support and our dedicated volunteers, we’re happy to offer this year’s festival for free to everyone. And as always, we appreciate our generous patrons and those who can contribute to our cause. If you can, throw a little in the tip jar to keep the fires burning for 2022 and beyond. 

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