Noah Baen

Noah Baen makes paintings and environmental installations to dance with Nature and our common nature. He has lived in Crestone since 2011, happily transitioning from nearly 50 years in the New York art world to a community that prioritizes heart. He was Festival featured artist last year. See his work around town—Artisans Gallery, Elephant Cloud and the Food Bank--and at


Kaia Decrum

I came to art by the long road. Raised in Colorado in a family of artists, I ran away and went to law school, but law was not the road I was meant to take. Eventually, I retreated to Crestone to build a straw bale house and live a simpler life. The mountains, the valley, the cottonwood groves and shaded creeks, the still blue shadows and ice fogs, the spirit of the place awoke a need to paint. I view all of my experience as fair game for my paintings, but I find my deepest inspiration in the wild. My paintings are never the same as reality nor, are they ever meant to be. They are about conjuring sensation; cold, light, a breath of air, a dream of a place. In each painting, I hope to draw forth my essential moments and convey a little of their potency to the viewer. Summoning illusion, and conveying emotion is what putting paint to canvas means to me.

Since returning to art I have shown in many diverse venues in the state of Colorado. Currently in Crestone, I have work at the Elephant Cloud.


Jane Kwan

When the Covid 19 virus hit the US, and Colorado lock down order put in place, my studio became my refuge. I started doing work randomly and eventually settled on a series of portraits and paintings utilizing torn pieces of papers as underpainting. Torn pieces of paper reflect external bombardment from powers that be and social media convoluted discussion. I realize it is only within my own soul world that i can find solace and express my truth.

I have been practicing visual art expression for 40 some years.  I have explored many different art tools and their application on paper, canvas and boards. I now enjoy mixing them together to produce mixed media art work.


Posey Nelson

Posey Nelson is an artist and sculptor living in Crestone and part-time in Mexico.

A marble sculptor, she's studied with teachers in San Miguel de Allende; Tinos, Greece; Jemez Pueblo; Rinconada; Marble.

Creativity....all of the her world. See her work at: PoseyNelson@crestonecarver on Facebook. Or Posey Nelson at


Alan Sutherland

Music art and theatre since birth. Focus on piano performance and piano tuning and Allied arts. I do wood carving surrounded by art by my late wife Julie Reinhardt.


Allison Wonderland

Allison Wonderland engages in the curious blessings and burdens of being human; tending soul through death mid-wifery, immersive installation creations, ritual theatre and poetic saturations.