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A free virtual Poemfest!

from the Sangre de Cristo mountains and beyond. The fifth annual Poemfest will be a virtual revival that celebrates poetry and friendship in Colorado and New Mexico.

With readings and open mics, you'll have an opportunity to inspire and be inspired. And explore the website for the rest of the fest: do some shopping at the bookstore, and be a part of the Ekphrastic experience with local Crestone Artists.

While we are looking forward to the return of the in-person fest, we learned in 2021 that the poets can still party online! 

Saturday Schedule

If you were here...
10:00 AM welcome reading

A welcome reading from your hosts. The Poemfest Posse—Peter Anderson, Carolina Brown, Sharon Corcoran, Rachel Kellum, Sally Jane Seck, Everett Wilson and Allison Wonderland—will bring you right back to Crestone.

New Titles: Poets with new books
10:30 AM reading

Poets Claudia Putnam, Lawton Eddy, David Martin, Sharon Corcoran, John Calderazzo, Susan Tichy, and Aaron Moe read from their new publications.

Featured Reading: Aaron Abeyta
1:00 PM

Judyth Hill and Columbine Poets
1:30 PM

10 women poets – all members of the Colorado Columbine community – have joined together to write and perform poems on a Resonant Frequency! We created a pool of words – each poet offering two – plus! sending each other the name of a near(ish) mountain(range) and species of bird from their place. Each poet was invited to use as many as possible in an original poem of 2 minutes -– to create a reading rich in echo and resonance…of what we love, and share…from our place.


Our poems form a diverse/unified whole – as we name the mountains, birds, and words that inspire us. We now invite YOU, our Colorado homies, to listen and respond to a set of poems that resonate with the unique frequency of Colorado and our 10 writers!


The Poets are:


Lorrie Wolfe

Judyth Hill

Julie Cummings

Anita Jepson-Gilbert

Eve Bingham

Lynn Kincanon

Sandy McGarry

Valerie Szarek

Veronica Patterson

Lynda LaRocca

Talking Gourds in Telluride
2:00 PM

with Joanna Spindler, Mike Olschewsky, Art Goodtimes, Rosemerry Trommer, Daiva Chesonis, Ellen Metrick, Ruth Duffy, and Peter Waldor listening and kinning in virtual circles of sharing honoring the Utes, Dolores LaChapelle and all creation.

2:30 PM

A reading with Anne MacNaughton, Ariana Kramer, and Joshua Concha, the new Taos Poet laureate!

Along the Arkansas River:
Poetic Postcards from the Steel City and Cañon City
3:00 PM

Join poets and writers Juliana Aragon Fatula, Kyle Laws, and Juan J. Morales for a reading and conversation that update you on all things Pueblo and Cañon City. We'll share poems, inspiration, and process from our side of the Sangres and flowing through this stretch of the Arkansas River.

Bonfire on the Western Slope
3:30 PM

with Tori Miner, John Nizalowski, Danny Rosen and Wendy Videlock 

Join us as we rub some sticks together and let the poetic sparks fly 

in a regional and verbal kind of Renga round the fire.  Coming to you

in the name of the elements and in the spirit of the word.

Welcome to the West: A Featured Reading with Twenty Bellows
4:00 PM

Join Twenty Bellows for a featured reading with poets Risa Scott and Kiersten Bridger as we explore women's voices in the modern West. 

Salida Poets!

Featuring the incomparable Barbara Ford, Jan Ohmstede, and Laurie James: Short and long, feathered and furred, pulled from our hats: words, words, words.

Open Mic
8:00 PM

A chance for us to pass the mic around. Share your latest poem with us!

Midnight Insight
10:00 PM

Jesse Tsinajinnie Maloney and Orlando White host a special Poemfest Midnight Insight with guest poets Pamela Uschuk and CMarie Fuhrman from the Rez. They’ll be talking process, influences, isolation; whatever comes up in the plasmic after party.

Sunday Schedule

Talking Gourd Circle
10:00 AM

The irrepressible Art Goodtimes will lead a Talking Gourd Circle, which is an opportunity for participants to share some words (their own or those of someone they appreciate). 

This event is BYOG (bring your own gourd). 

Ekphrastic experience with Crestone Artists:
Click on an image to spend some time and post your poetic response.

Afterimage of Tomorrow

Terry Corcoran


Mountain As

Noah Baen

Oil pastel

Thought and Memory and the Loss of Mendenhal

Kaia Dercum

Oil on canvas

Crystal Cave Parallel Lifetime

Blue Starseed

Oil on hemp linen


Jane Kwan

Sumi Ink Collage on paper

Drawing 3

Allison Wonderland

Mixed Media

thank you for your support.

we couldn’t do this without the participation and support of our beloved community. Thanks to our support and our dedicated volunteers, we’re happy to offer this year’s festival for free to everyone. And as always, we appreciate our generous patrons and those who can contribute to our cause. If you can, throw a little in the tip jar to support this annual festival!

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